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Bible Selection Guide

IBG gives away a wide variety of Bible translations, and encourages Bible couriers to consider carefully what translation and what specific Bible will work best for each unique ministry.

Two Approaches to Translation

The challenge in providing an accurate Bible translation is that words do not have identical meaning when you go from one language to another. There are similar words, but there can be differences in nuance, tense and other challenges. Bible scholars choose one of two approaches to accurately translate the Word of God. One is called Literal Translation, and the other Dynamic Translation.

Literal Translation

Literal Translation emphasizes accurate word for word translation, sacrificing sentence structure and flow for the best possible word translation. Examples of literal translations offered by IBG would be the King James, the New King James, the NASB, the RSV, and the newer ESV. These translations tend to more accurately present the original Greek or Hebrew wording, but may be harder to read or comprehend.

Dynamic Translation

Dynamic translations instead focus on translating thought accuracy more so than word accuracy. Dynamic translations tend to do more sentence restructuring and more creative rewording to ensure the thought of the original writing comes through in an easy to read and comprehend format. Examples of Dynamic Translations offered by IBG include the NIV and NLT. Because these translations are worded in modern cultural word usage, they may be easier for seekers or new believers to understand.

The NIV has been the most popular translation distributed by IBG over the years, though both NLT and ESV (an easier to read literal translation) usage is growing.

Foreign Language Bibles

IBG ships Bibles in 38 different languages. We source foreign language scripture from a variety of sources, and although the cost of scripture is higher and availability of inventory is often a problem, we desire to support foreign language mission and ministry whenever we can. Call or write IBG with specific foreign language needs and we will consider how we can support your ministry need.

Full Bibles, NT’s, Gospel of John and Tracts

Often couriers request full Bibles when New Testaments, or even just a Gospel of John or a tract will meet the particular ministry need. Make no mistake; we love to give out full Bibles. But if your particular ministry need would be met just as well with a New Testament, please consider requesting NT’s instead. Either we can provide you with more Scripture, or we can have funds available for another courier who otherwise would not get any Bibles that month.