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What is a Courier?

International Requests

Because of high costs associated with shipping Bibles via air and water, IBG does not ship Bibles outside the United States. All Bible orders must be picked up at Ministry Meetings held in Anoka, Minnesota. To receive Bibles outside the United States, please find a Bible courier willing to pick up Bibles during an IBG ministry meeting, and travel to the requested destination.


Couriers Distribute our Bibles

International Bible Givers does not give Bibles to individuals directly, but instead does so through Bible couriers partnered with the organization. Bible couriers are individuals, outreach organizations, and ministries that have partnered with IBG to distribute Bibles to those in need on IBG’s behalf.

All Bibles are given for free to couriers for Evangelism purposes only. Couriers in turn distribute Bibles for free to those desiring God’s Word.


Become a Courier

Do you or your ministry have a need for Bibles?

We encourage you to look and listen for opportunities to give God’s Word, and to put it into hands and places where it will be read. Please pray for the opportunities and motivation to reach out, as well as for the receivers of these Bibles.

We invite you to become an active Bible Giver, carrying out the Great Commission! Email us at We desire to put FREE copies of God’s Word in your hands to give away FREE! People need the Lord and people find the Lord through reading His Word!


Bible Requests

Couriers or aspiring couriers may request Bibles during the first week of each month by contacting IBG by email at Bible requests are usually first-come, first-serve, as funds available for the purchasing of Bibles are limited.

Bibles are available for pickup at the monthly ministry meeting, which is usually the last Thursday of each month. Please confirm the ministry meeting date by visiting the Ministry Meetings page or calling IBG for more information.


IBG is an all-volunteer ministry and our sole source of funds to purchase the Bibles we give out is through donations by individuals, churches, ministries and businesses. We only accept funds given joyfully, without compulsion. If supporting IBG is on your heart, feel free to visit our donation page - but ONLY if your heart is so moved. We generally limit courier Bible requests to a maximum of $300 of Scripture per month, and always subject to having funds available to purchase the Scripture.