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IBG Season of Prayer

Most of the time, we focus our IBG prayer requests on our couriers who bring Bibles to ministries and individuals, or to the ultimate receivers of Bibles. This month, I would ask for a season of prayer for this ministry and its leaders. No, there is no crisis motivating our request, but there is a reality that we are just regular people, trying through the strength of God to preform a difficult task, and that there is opposition to what we do.

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Online Bible Resources

Are you able to use a digital copy of God’s Word?

International Bible Givers is assembling a list of free online Bible resources. IBG provides physical Bibles to couriers, who in turn distribute God’s Word around the world, but sometimes a physical Bible is not always necessary or practical.

We do not own or control any of these sites and as such, do not endorse these sites. We do however believe that the right online Bible resource can provide a lot of value and convenience.

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