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1968 All Over Again?

Hey Bible Giver,

Does it seem to you like the world is raging against itself daily, trying to tear apart what is left of civilization? The Delta variant has given fresh legs to the Covid pandemic, whether you are a vaxer or anti-vaxer. And no one can even agree on what is wrong, let alone how to fix it. How do you move forward in the midst of all of this chaos? As a Christian, the hope within you provides not just comfort, but the ability to continue to focus on what is truly important, no matter how broken the world is.

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Online Bible Resources

Are you able to use a digital copy of God’s Word?

International Bible Givers is assembling a list of free online Bible resources. IBG provides physical Bibles to couriers, who in turn distribute God’s Word around the world, but sometimes a physical Bible is not always necessary or practical.

We do not own or control any of these sites and as such, do not endorse these sites. We do however believe that the right online Bible resource can provide a lot of value and convenience.

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