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From the Chairman

IBG Chairman Chuck Hayes

Social Justice as a New Worldview

Many people grow up today not knowing the Christian worldview and the Hope of the Gospel. It keeps us very busy as more and more of these folks start searching for truth. But as you’ve heard, nature abhors a vacuum, so if people don’t have a Christian worldview, they will find and adopt an alternate worldview. A fashionable one today is attractively called Social Justice. I recently read Scott David Allen’s book titled “Why Social Justice is Not Biblical Justice”, and many of the thoughts I share here are rooted in his work.

If I asked if you care about social justice, most all of you would affirm the importance and value of standing for social justice, including for widows, orphans, sojourners, the oppressed, and people with little or no standing. Allen’s work, however, presents social justice as a completely different worldview that sounds nice but is opposed to the Christian worldview.

The Christian worldview is rooted in love, forgiveness, and new life. We acknowledge we are born with sin, and as such are apart from God, our Creator, and so God provided a perfect sacrifice in His Son to redeem us back to himself. As such, through faith in Christ, we are able to have a personal relationship with God and enjoy him for all eternity.

Social Justice as a worldview is Godless. In its simplicity, it divides people into two broad camps, victims and oppressors. In Social Justice, you are placed into one of these groups based on arbitrary values rather than who you are, what you do or what you believe. If you are a minority, or female, or any group not “accepted” by the mass of society (think LGBTQ+), then you are a Victim. If you are white, and especially if you are male, then you are an Oppressor. It doesn’t matter if you spend your life advocating for social justice. If you are white, you are guilty. Quite racist, actually.

Its why we hear people speaking now of privilege as if were something bad. You might run into someone who wants you to acknowledge your privilege as a point of shame, rather than a blessing to be enjoyed and perhaps shared with those around you. While this may all sound strange or even comical, there are millions who are involved in this perversion of biblical social justice.

None of us are Victims. We all might have been a victim of a particular crime or circumstance, but victimhood should never define who we are. We are all equal. We are each created in God’s image and we should never allow anyone to define our personal value as a victim because we are so much more. To define someone as a victim DEVALUES their personhood. Likewise, there is no grace in the Social Justice worldview. There is no redemption - no forgiveness possible for men, or for whites. They are simply guilty and unredeemable. This, also, is not Biblical, but evil.

Allan points out that labeling whites as Oppressors takes a page from Marxism. Back in Karl’s time, it was the bourgeoisie and capitalists who had to be rounded up and exterminated for the good of the working class, the Victims of that era. Nothing Christian there! Didn’t turn out well for all those “Victims” either. Social justice as a worldview is about POWER and about wealth redistribution - not social justice. It seeks to transfer the wealth of the nations from those who have it now to those who seemingly don’t. It’s a worldview that divides people, rather than bringing them together. It seeks to tear down and destroy rather than build up. It seeks to condemn rather than redeem. But it sure sounds nice!

So, Bible Giver, you have work to do. Social Justice is being taught in various forms in many public schools. The “Art of War” teaches to use your opponent’s momentum against him. Most people who are part of the Social Justice are not Marxist. They just want to advocate for true justice. So, use that heart attitude and show them biblical social justice. If someone comes to you with the victim – oppressor worldview, start the re-training at the value of each person to God. Teach them it is better to build up than to destroy. Tell them that there is no future in division, and if they lack a privilege you enjoy, invite them into your privilege. It is a gift from God for you to bless others with, so defeat this Godless worldview by sharing the Hope of the Gospel.

Give Hope. Give Life. Give Bibles.