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From the Chairman

IBG Chairman Chuck Hayes

Time is Short

As summer strides toward our arbitrary Labor Day finish line, I hope you are encouraged in your walk with God and His purpose for your life in these days. We have phrases in our culture that reflect our view that time is a precious resource. I referenced “time is money” in a recent blog, but a phrase many people will use for the closing days of summer is “time is short”. If in doubt, ask any child who is about to transition from summer vacation to school. It is a paradox that we have an enormous amount of time, but we never seem to have enough. Many of you choose to allocate precious time toward IBG and giving Bibles. This is a highly valuable gift to our ministry.

IBG wraps up summer is strong financial condition, able to ramp up Bible giving for the fall. God has provided for IBG in many ways, though many people such that all of our plans for Bible giving in 2022 can move forward. Let me share just a few of these with you:

  • IBG just provided 240 full Bibles in the Oromo language to Muslim background Believers who are church planting in Ethiopia. We gave them 200 Bibles last year and they needed more.
  • We have released funding to provide $1000 of Bibles to prison ministry in Malawi
  • We have funded the purchase of 25 Hindi Study Bibles for Indian church planters in training, and about 240 full Hindi Bibles for evangelistic use by those church planters.
  • We have provided through special funding, 5000+ Bibles for use at the MN State Fair, a huge mission field where 10,000 people pass by the Crossroads Chapel every hour.
  • We are providing $3,000 worth of Ukrainian and Russian Bibles into that conflict zone.

This is all over and above our regular Bible giving to 25-30 couriers and drop ships each month. Last year we gifted over 35,500 Bibles New Testaments and Gospels of John. This year we will gift even more scriptures. Have you ever contemplated the impact of 1 trained and equipped church planter in a country that has not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ? Not just 1 life transformed, but perhaps a village of lives. Perhaps many villages. Perhaps a gift passed down from grandfather, to father, to son, to future generations. From grandmother, to mother, to daughter, to generations. What you are doing is not just giving out Bibles. You are sending invitations for a multitude to come into knowledge of their creator God, and enter into relationship with him for eternity.

In our bombastic, highly charged world where everything is an issue seemingly worth argument, I would guess there are a few topics each of us would engage in. Certainly, it is worthwhile for some to advocate for improved government. You might feel strongly about masking policy, vaccines, cost of education, healthcare, taxes, military spending, and on and on. I would argue, however, that not one of these issues, from the frivolous to the very important, can stand in the same room with time spent gifting Bibles, and supporting ministry that changes lives for all eternity. And yes, I could get myself wound up on more than one of the topics listed above. But I CHOOSE to invest in things that have permanent value. Eternal value. To people I may never meet on this earth.

We gift Bibles to people who need one. That’s our focus. It’s our mission. At a time when society would like to distract you with an endless list of grievances, you have a choice. Many debates may be worthy of your time, but they are about the affairs of man. Transformed lives is a permanent change for all eternity. The time is short. Allocate your time wisely.

Give Hope. Give Life. Give Bibles.